“The face of hunger doesn’t have a particular color, and it doesn’t come from a particular neighborhood. They are your neighbors, they are working Americans, they are senior citizens who have worked their entire lives, and they are children.” -Ertharin Cousins


Our Program

After seeing the Sac Pac Program’s potential at the Chattanooga Area Food Bank in 2011, The Caring Place’s Executive Director Reba Terry applied for and received an initial United Way grant and Sac Pac became a reality in 2012.

Sac Pac serves the children of Bradley County who are at risk of hunger on the weekends.  Created to care for the 26.4% of children in Bradley County who are living in poverty, Sac Pac in 2015 is serving 550 children in 11 Bradley County schools every week.  This requires approximately 2,475 pounds of food a week.

Each Sac Pac contains approximately 4-5 pounds of kid-friendly, shelf-stable, nutritious meals to supplement each child’s weekend nutrition.  In order to ensure kid-friendly food, the food is primarily purchased from the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.  Sac Pacs are delivered to the participating schools on Thursdays and are distributed by teachers and administration in a discreet manner to go home with each child on the weekends.

Sac Pac is supported by grants and private donations.  For information how you can help keep Sac Pac a reality for our children, contact The Caring Place.


What Schools Have Sac Pac Distributions

  • Black Fox Elementary – 80
  • Charleston Elementary – 37
  • Lake Forest Middle School – 53
  • Michigan Avenue Elementary – 7
  • North Lee Elementary – 19
  • Oak Grove Elementary – 32
  •  Ocoee Middle School – 25
  • Park View Elementary – 77
  • Taylor Elementary – 40
  • Valley View Elementary – 54
  • Waterville Elementary – 107

What Teachers Are Saying

99% feel that the Sac Pac Program provided by The Caring Place is a valuable asset to my school/classroom.

  • “I think the Snack Pack Program is such an amazing asset to the overall well-being of our students. Many of them do not have food at home, and this gives them guaranteed nutrition while away from school. I really appreciate and think highly of all this program is doing for our kids!” 

55% say their students who receive Sac Pac are more engaged in learning than before the program began.

  • “These students never have a snack for school, and on Friday most of them get a snack out of their bag to eat for snack. Thank you for this program, it is a blessing.”

65% report that since Sac Pac began this year, their relationship with the students who receive the Pacs has improved.

  • “I think this is a blessing! Our children need this program to continue.” 

71% say that students who participate in the Sac Pac Program have improved in their ability to follow directions and/or stay on task during classroom instruction.

66% of teachers of Sac Pac students say the program has helped them spend less of their own money on food for their students.

  • “This is a wonderful program. The students of our school are very lucky to have this opportunity.” 

94% reported that since they began distributing Sac Pacs to students, they worry less about the students’ well-being or if their basic needs are being met over the weekend.

99%  feel that over time, eating consistently over the weekends could help improve the behaviors of the students participating in the program.

  • “I truly appreciate the care shown to our students. I know that many of them go home to very challenging circumstances where regular mealtimes are not a priority. It’s probably difficult to imagine, but even first graders are often left to fend for themselves. I also appreciate seeing fresh fruit going home with our students.” 


What does it cost to feed a child?

Because of our partnership with Feeding America and the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, we are able to purchase the items needed to fill our Sac Pacs with nutritious food at a discounted rate. The following is the cost per child:

  • $5 per weekend
  • $20 per month
  • $240 per year


How Can You Help?

  1. Give: 
    • Sponsor a Child: For just $20 a month you can change the life of a child. Every child you sponsors is one more child that knows
    • Sponsor a School: For more information about this giving opportunity, please contact The Caring Place at (423)472-4414.
    • Ways to Give:
      • Electronic Funds Transfer– For the convenience our donors, The Caring Place offers EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), which allows our sponsors to make a monthly pledge that will be automatically transferred from their bank account each month.
      • Pay Pal– Give now through our Pay Pal account.
      • Bill Me– Contact our office if you would like to receive an invoice each month for your pledge.
  2. Get Involved:
    • Volunteer: Whether it is putting the Pacs together or assisting with making the deliveries to the schools, our volunteers play a vital roll in the success of the Sac Pac Program.
  3. Spread the Word:
    • Become an advocate for our children by helping us spread the word! Follow us on Facebook, and Twitter. Tell your Sunday school class, friends, classmates, co-workers, and family about the Sac Pac Program and encourage them to get involved!


For more information, contact The Caring Place at (423)472-4414 or email at harry@thecaringplaceonline.org.