The Caring Place

Reba A. Terry, MSSW, LCSW

Executive Director’s Report

August 2015

In August The Caring Place distributed 1,144 bags to 948 different households. This food affected 170 senior adults, 1,589 adults, and 1,349 children. Each bag weighs at least 20 lbs., so that is a minimum of 22,880 lbs. distributed in August.

Of the people who received food, 85% of the households found articles of clothing they needed in our display rooms. The distribution of clothing, food, and diapers was made possible by the 1,196 hours of volunteer service provided by 154 dedicated volunteers!


Registration Clothing diaperLove Food Sac Pac

Total Individual Hrs

Hours 154 346 39 469 14 1110
Individuals 21 40 7 48 9 125




Group Hrs # Individuals
Trousdale Clothing prep 17 6
Whirlpool Food 31 10
Whirlpool Clothing 30 10
TOTAL 78 26




Group Hrs # Individuals
Cleveland State Community College Bagging Sac Pacs 0 0
Cleveland State Community College Assisting in clothing area 2 1
Lee University Assisting in clothing area 2 1
NiN Assisting in clothing area 4 1


Individual Regularly-Scheduled Volunteers – Hours Worked 1110
Group Volunteer – Hours Worked 78
Temporary Volunteers – Hours Worked 8
Total Hours Volunteered in March 1196
Total Number of Volunteers 154


  Staff’s Community Involvement/Training

  • Bradley County Health Council – Johnna Ojo
  • Bradley County Housing Coalition – Johnna Ojo
  • Bradley County United Way Meeting – Toni Miles
  • Chamber of Commerce Coffee –Toni Miles
  • MainStreet Cleveland –Toni Miles
  • Volunteer Management and Recruitment class at Bradley County United Way – Sandra Woodard and Bea Seiler
  • “Where The Cross Meets the Street” Workshop sponsored by United Way and hosted by Refuge and Impact Cleveland –Toni Miles


  • Promoted Behind the Hope Door (BHD) Breakfast with WTNB
  • Submitted story and picture for the BHD Breakfast to Cleveland Daily Banner
  • Met with Perry Horner to develop graphics concepts for spring fundraiser

New Volunteers

  • Dorothy Anderson
  • Darlene Akins
  • Peyton Archer
  • Abby Bianucci
  • Tonia Charlton
  • Deborah Drummond
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Tim Shorthouse
  • Torrie Stephens
  • Joel Swartzel
  • Louise Swartzel

 Tour Given of The Caring Place

  • 4 tours for 10 prospective volunteers
  • First Presbyterian Church Members
  • United Way donor tours:  (Cleveland Utilities, Publix, Duracell, Publix regional managers)

August Food Drives

  • International Worship Center
  • Signature Health Care
  • Social Security Administration

 August Food Donors

  • Anderson, Kathleen
  • Bimbo Bakers
  • Bowman Hills 7th Day Adventist Church
  • Cooke’s Food Store
  • Cooper, Ethel
  • Cross, Don
  • First Baptist Church
  • First Lutheran Church
  • Fresh ‘N’ Low – Candies Creek Lane
  • Hall, Nick
  • Hicks, Buddy
  • Hyland, Jim
  • Key, Myra
  • Mount Olive Church of God
  • Quest Expeditions
  • Target
  • Tasso United Methodist Church
  • United Christian Academy
  • Wal-mart
  • Westmore Church of God
  • White Oak Baptist Church
  • York, Gary

Neighbors in Need

Neighbors in Need – Empowering Lives

Karen Kissinger, Client Services Coordinator, conducted 78 phone assessments. Marie Carver, LMSW, Corinne Freeman, LMSW, and Brian Stewart, BS completed 42 initial face-to-face assessments, 10 reassessments, and had 11 follow-up visits with clients. From those sessions, they assisted 63 households with rent and/or utilities.

The SunTrust Financial Planning Course was presented for Neighbors in Need participants.

Neighbors in Need is funded by the Bradley County United Way, Cleveland Utilities’ Project Round-Up, and area churches and individuals. Neighbors in Need was designed for the express purpose of assisting residents in financial need. Our case managers spend time with potential clients to determine their need and interest in the Neighbors in Need program, as they have to agree to participate. Neighbors in Need wants to do more than put a Band-Aid on their situation. We recommend to the client(s) established services in the community to assist them in becoming more independent. We are grateful for our current partners, i.e. Refuge Community Center, New Hope Pregnancy Care Center, BICC, and numerous others that agree to assist our clients and verify their participation. We are always looking for additional referral sources. If you are interested, contact Reba Terry at 472-4414.

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diaper love logo

This month we distributed 11,610 diapers to 1129 babies/toddlers.

In an effort to streamline our efforts, the diaperLove program is only open on Thursday afternoons from 2:00 – 4:00.


sac pac logo

The 2015/2016 school term is underway and with it Sac Pac resumed deliveries with 65 Sac Pacs delivered on August 13th, 714 Sac Pacs on August 20th, and 741 on August 20th, for an August total of 1,520. The following are the schools with the Sac Pacs delivered on the last week.

  • Black Fox Elementary –72
  • Charleston Elementary – 40
  • Hopewell Elementary – 70
  • Lake Forest Middle School – 63
  • Michigan Avenue Elementary – 7
  • North Lee Elementary – 22
  • Oak Grove Elementary – 25
  • Ocoee Middle School – 30
  • Park View Elementary – 70
  • Taylor Elementary – 31
  • Valley View Elementary – 66
  • Waterville Elementary – 107
  • Prospect Elementary – 100
  • E.L. Ross Elementary – 38

Volunteers involved in program:

1 Community Volunteers:                                   102   hours

0 Cleveland State Student Volunteer:                 0   hours

Total Number of Hours:                                      102  hours

If you want more information about this exciting program contact Harry Hickey at

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We are looking for opportunities to share about the Caring Place. If you or someone you know is interested in having someone from The Caring Place come to your church, Sunday school class, civic club, business, etc., please contact us at 472-4414 or via email at: or

  To God Be the Glory!